We find families for children who need them, call us on 0117 935 0005


We find families for children who need them, call us on 0117 935 0005


Services for birth relatives

CCS Adoption offers support, advice and intermediary services to birth relatives of adopted adults who were placed through the Catholic Children’s Society (Diocese of Clifton).

CCS Adoption have been offering intermediary services to birth relatives for a number of years. From 30 December 2005, The Adoption and Children Act 2002 gave birth relatives the right to request an intermediary service from Adoption Agencies or Adoption Support Agencies.

A formal application for a post-adoption service for birth relatives should be sent in writing with proof of your identity together with as much information as possible about the adopted person.

We will acknowledge your application.  We aim to provide prompt allocation of an experienced post-adoption worker who will make contact with you to arrange a counselling interview.  Sometimes a delay can occur due to a very heavy demand for Post Adoption Services, in which case we will advise you about the estimated waiting time.

After you have made your application, you will be invited to our offices at Pennywell Road, Bristol, and assisted to fully consider the implications of contacting the adopted adult; for them, their adoptive family and for you and your family. If you are unable to travel to our offices we will suggest you approach your local Diocesan Society. If we agree to act on your behalf, your post-adoption worker will explain the steps CCS Adoption may be able to take to trace your relative.

Not everyone wishes for contact with their adopted adult relative to be made on their behalf. You may only wish to talk about what happened around the time of adoption.  You may just want the opportunity to discuss how you feel about what happened and how your life has been affected.  You will be welcomed and offered support.

After meeting with a post-adoption worker you may decide that you would like an intermediary service.  Individual circumstances will be carefully considered, including the age of the adopted adult.

We are not always able to find people and when we are successful, the response of adopted adults and their families varies. Some wish no contact, some agree to an exchange of information via CCS Adoption and some arrange to meet. It is the adopted person’s decision. Your post-adoption worker will talk to you in more detail about the range of possible responses and any issues that may arise.

For some adopted people, their birth relatives’ approach may come at a difficult time e.g. recent bereavement, exams, marriage. They may not feel able to respond at this time, but they may return to CCS Adoption at some point in the future. You can leave information about yourself for the adopted person’s file.

If contact is established by your post-adoption worker with the adopted person we will act as an intermediary on your behalf and try to obtain current information and possibly arrange a reunion.

If the birth relative lives abroad, they will be asked to seek a counsellor experienced in adoption issues. The counsellor may offer support before, during and after the search. We will liaise with the counsellor. The Office for National Statistics has suggested counsellors in many countries.