We find families for children who need them, call us on 0117 935 0005


We find families for children who need them, call us on 0117 935 0005


Adoption FAQs

What is Adoption?


“Being adopted feels like you’re in the Royal Family.”
CCS Adoption’s adopted girl Hermione won NAW’s Picture of the Year competition (see above).

This picture reminds us that every child, whether they are a Princess or a girl called Hermione, is special and important and deserves to have a loving, secure forever family – adoption is a way of providing families for children, creating a new relationship which can provide long term security and love.
Adoption is a legal process and is a permanent commitment which should be undertaken after careful thought. A total of 3,980 children were adopted in 2012/13. You can find out more about the legal aspects of adoption on the government website relating to adoption click here.
Adoption enables people without children to experience the delights and difficulties of being a parent. Adoption enables people who already have children to use their experience to help other children.

1.  Is there a waiting list?

No, CCS Adoption does not have a waiting list for beginning the assessment of prospective adopters. All initial enquiries are responded to quickly, by email, sending out information packs or with a telephone discussion. Our Adoption Advisers Jane, Raychel and Fran (who are also adoptive parents) are available to talk to Monday – Friday 10 – 2pm and outside of these hours, 9 – 5pm one of our adoption social workers, Jude is also generally available to talk to you.  You can also arrange Saturday appointments if weekdays are difficult. Tel. 0117 935 0005.

2.  Why choose CCS Adoption?

CCS Adoption offers the same adoption service as Local Authorities (taking you through the adoption application and assessment). In addition we provide a unique adoption support service which is free and lifelong should you need it.

When it comes to matching you with a child we have access to a larger pool of children as we can search for children from all over the UK. After a successful adoption many of our families will go on to adopt again. CCS has a disruption rate below the national average.

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3.  How much will it cost?

Our service is free but you will be required to have a medical examination with your own GP who will charge you.  This is currently in the region of £70-£90 per person.

4.  Can I adopt?

CCS Adoption has a flexible approach to what makes a successful adoptive family. Anyone over the age of 21 can be a prospective adopter, regardless of marital status, disability, gender, religion, sexual orientation, income or whether you have parenting experience or not.

The children we place have already suffered a lot of change, uncertainty and unhappiness in their lives.  The most important thing is that the children are given love, commitment, acceptance and security. Many of the children waiting for adoptive families are groups of brothers and sisters who need to stay together, CCS has particular experience in placing these children. All you need is the time, energy and skill to be the family the children are waiting for.

CCS Adoption Myth Buster

  1. If you are over 40 you can adopt.
  2. Whether you are heterosexual, lesbian or gay is not a factor.
  3. Whether you work full-time, are unemployed or on a low income you may be able to adopt.
  4. If you are single you can adopt.
  5. You can adopt if you already have children living at home.
  6. You can adopt if you have been unable to have your own birth children.

5.  How long does the process take?

At CCS Adoption we aim to complete preparatory training and adoption assessment  within six months of receiving your completed application form.  Obviously, this can vary and will depend on the prospective adopters’ availability and personal circumstances. CCS will give clear information about timescales to all prospective adopters in the light of their situation.

6.  Am I too old/young to adopt?

The legal minimum age for adoption is 21.  There is no upper limit set by law.  Each case is decided on its own merits.  We look for healthy adopters who have lots of energy, understanding and love to give to a child.

Children Who Need Adopting FAQs

1. Who are the children waiting to be adopted?

It is estimated that there are currently approximately 3,000 children in the care of Local Authorities in England and Wales who are waiting for adoptive families.

Most of the children waiting to be adopted have had complex and difficult early life experiences, including abuse, trauma, and neglect. As a result of these experiences children have a range of emotional, physical or learning difficulties. Children have experienced much loss and change in their lives.

Families are needed for brother and sister groups of all ages and ethnicities. It is very important for these children to stay together and not be separated.

Children come from different religious, cultural and ethnic backgrounds and need families who reflect, value and positively promote their heritage. Click here to view profiles of the types of children who need new homes.

CCS Adoption is a member of the South West Adoption Consortium of adoption agencies and is committed to finding families for children who need the permanency of adoption in the south west. CCS Adoption also works with the National Adoption Register

2. I already have a birth child can I adopt?

The child joining your family through adoption should be younger than the children who are already in the family. We normally recommend that there is at least a 2-3 year age gap between the age of your youngest birth child and the child you adopt. Also it is preferable that your youngest child has started school.

3. Do adopted children have contact with their birth parents?

Adopted children need help to understand why they cannot live with their birth family and should have open and honest, age appropriate information about their past. When a child is placed for adoption careful consideration is given as to whether it would be helpful for the child to have direct (meetings) or indirect (written or audio) contact with birth family.

A child may have direct contact with their brothers and sisters and in most cases an annual exchange of letters and cards will take place via a neutral address. If it is felt to be beneficial to the child there is sometimes direct contact with birth parents but this is rare.

As part of the assessment and preparation to becoming an adopter you will be asked to consider what level of contact you would be able to manage.

4. Can I adopt a baby?

CCS are currently placing children with an average age of 3 years although we place children from babies to 10 years old. More families are needed for older children, children with disabilities and groups of brothers and sisters.

Concurrent planning, sometimes described as Early Permanence or Foster-to-Adopt, is an alternative to route to adoption which involves caring for children from a very young age. If you are interested in finding out more about concurrent planning please visit www.adoptionconcurrency.org

5. How many children can I adopt?

During assessment your social worker will discuss with you the number and age of children that is right for you. CCS specialises in placing groups of brothers and sisters, and we also place single children.

After a successful adoption many of our families will go on to adopt again. CCS has a disruption rate below the national average.

Please don’t rule yourself out! You can contact us and speak with one of our adoption professionals who can provide you with information and advice that is specific to you. You can also download our information pack here.