We find families for children who need them, call us on 0117 935 0005


We find families for children who need them, call us on 0117 935 0005


CCS Adopter Rebecca shares her experience of the adoption process:

The approval process for adoption was an unexpectedly positive experience. We had a good relationship with our social worker who was very respectful of our families and lives but it gave us a chance to reflect on how we have been shaped by our circumstances and experiences and how this could influence our parenting. Our assessment was a hugely enabling experience giving us quiet confidence in our abilities to take on vulnerable children with the knowledge when and how to access additional support in the coming years should it be needed. It was a valuable experience in its own right.”


CCS offers preparation and assessment designed to help you make your decision about adoptive parenting and to understand as much as possible about what will be involved. We are committed to supporting you throughout, whatever the outcome. Adopters play a central role in the training that you will take part in, and will share their personal experiences of adoption. The timescales given below are those set out by national guidelines and CCS aims to accommodate your personal circumstances within those timescales. The adoption process will involve:


  1. Gathering Information

    You can download and read our information pack and you may wish to consider information available from a range of agencies (see www.first4adoption.org.uk  for further info). You can email us an enquiry form and you will be contacted by one of our adoption advisers, either by email or telephone who will answer your questions and offer you an appointment to discuss your interest in adoption or advise you of the information evening which you may wish to go to first. Please complete the initial information form attached to the information pack to provide our adoption social worker with your details.

  2. Information Evening

    This is an informal information sharing event. It is an opportunity to meet the team and CCS Adopters and think more about whether adoption is a route to parenthood you would like to follow. You will hear about the children who are waiting, adopters’ experiences and the adoption assessment process. Those who wish to continue their adoption journey and appear most ready are then invited to attend the Introduction to Adoption Day.

  3. Introduction to Adoption Day

    A training day to help you decide whether you want to apply to adopt with CCS. After the Introduction Day, you will be invited to register your interest (by completing a Registration of Expression of Interest form) and attend a meeting with an adoption social worker to discuss your application and response to the day. Following this meeting the Adoption Manager will decide if it is the right time to progress to assessment.

  4. Stage 1 

    This can vary according to circumstances but is about 2 months. A plan is made between you and CCS, agreeing on training days, at least two CCS office-based interviews with your allocated workers and one home-based interview. You will need to complete written information about your life experiences (if this is an issue for you because of literacy or familiarity with computers we can help). CCS will undertake checks including police, health and local authority and references from three personal referees (not relatives) and a range of other relevant references.

  5. Completion of Stage 1

    There will be a Stage 1 Review meeting held between you and CCS staff that will review all of the information obtained to date. In most cases prospective adopters either progress to stage 2 or have an Adopter Led Break, to do things such as house renovations. In some cases CCS may advise that your assessment cannot progress. Should this be the case, you will receive a full verbal and written explanation.

  6. Choose to continue to Stage 2

    On successful completion of Stage 1, it is now possible to continue with Stage 2, or should you choose to take a break of up to 6 months. Prospective Adopters are often advised to gain further child care experience during their assessment so they can be as fully prepared as possible.

  7. Stage 2

    About 4 months and involves training and assessment. On receiving notification that you wish to continue with Stage 2, you will meet with your allocated social worker to create your assessment plan. This will include further training days, approximately five interviews with the assessing social worker, your completion of written tasks, a proposed date of the completion of assessment report, and a proposed date of Adoption Panel meeting. You will receive a copy of the completed Prospective Adopters Report (PAR) (without references) and have the opportunity to comment on its contents.

  8. Adoption Panel

    The Panel meets at least monthly and makes a recommendation about whether or not your application should be approved. You are invited to attend the Panel meeting and participate in discussion of your application. The Panel’s recommendation then has to be ratified by CCS’s Decision Maker and confirmed to you in writing within seven days. If your application is not approved and you disagree, you have the right either to make representation to CCS or to apply to the Independent Review Mechanism (IRM). Further information will be available to you at the point of making an application.

  9. Finding your children

    Once approved you are then able to consider specific children and move forward to a potential adoption. Your details will be referred to the South West Adoption Consortium and the National Adoption Register (Adoption Match) and/or you may choose to respond to a child/ren featured in Link Maker, or in Adoption UK. We will work closely with you at this important time and continue to offer support throughout and beyond adoption. CCS provides a range of lifelong post adoption support and runs The Centre for Adoption Support and Education.


Call us today on 0117 935 0005 to start your adoption journey with CCS Adoption. Register your interest by email here.