We find families for children who need them, call us on 0117 935 0005


We find families for children who need them, call us on 0117 935 0005


We provide a free of charge Ofsted ‘Outstanding’ comprehensive, individual and supportive, adoption service that includes:

  • Guiding you through the adoption process, supporting you through the approval process and preparing you for adoptive parenthood. CCS is unusual in that if you speak to one of our three Adoption Advisers you are speaking to an adoptive parent. Our adoption social workers have over 300 years’ experience of working in adoption between them.
  • Helping you to meet other adopters, sharing their experiences and hearing the joys, rewards and challenges of adoptive parenting.
  • Matching and placing children with adoptive families. Supporting them through the matching process, panel and the introductory period, adoption order and beyond. CCS continues to have a very low disruption rate compared to the national average.
  • Building life-long relationships with our adoptive families, providing support in the form of home visits, training, workshops, groups, consultation, networking, social activities and seasonal events.
  • Providing counselling and advisory services to adopted people seeking information about their life history and adoption journey (see our post-adoption page).

Why I Chose CCS Adoption

Obviously we were very impressed with the Outstanding Ofsted grading, but the impression we got from looking at the website and looking through the information pack felt personal and caring, which was the main appeal to get in contact at first. CCS’s Alice was happy to have a good long talk when we made the first call and the steps after that were all very efficient. We’d seen posts on forums about people having to constantly chase their agency or local authority to get any kind of response and we could see that wouldn’t be the case with CCS. We were also very impressed with the Information Day, which gave a huge amount of information and things to think about, whereas another agency’s information session was just 2 hours long (we didn’t bother going because we were completely happy with the initial contact with CCS).
CCS Adopter.

115 year’s of experience

CCS has been finding homes for children who need them for more than 115 years and we are one of the largest voluntary adoption agencies in the South West.

We place more than 30 children with adopters each year. When it comes to matching you with a child we access the UK national register of children. Consequently we have successfully placed over 2200 children in adoptive families due to our careful matching process.

What we offer our adopters and their children

Our adoption team includes highly experienced adoption social workers and administrative staff who can offer you a bespoke, friendly and professional service. Initial enquirers are usually dealt with either by Jude, one of our adoption social workers or by Jane, Lisa or Fran from our team of adoption advisers (who are also adoptive parents). They will offer you a prompt, informative and friendly response to any queries you might have.

We hold regular Information Evenings for people to find out more about adoption. Once begun on the adoption process we provide training to support and guide you through the adoption process at a pace that suits you.

At CCS we pride ourselves in being able to offer lifelong support to our adopters including one-to-ones, social events and parenting courses. Our social workers also provide our adopters with parenting advice to help their child(ren) develop, learn and grow. Our adopters’ feedback shows a very high level of satisfaction regarding the support they receive from us. This support is easily accessible and delivered by our expert team of adoption professionals.

We work with local authorities and other adoption agencies on new and innovative partnerships and projects, to ensure that our organisation is at the forefront of new adoption practices. This means that the service we offer is not only Ofsted Outstanding but also benefits from our involvement in pioneering new projects which aim to develop best practice in the field of adoption.

Please note that we do not work in the area of intercountry adoption. If you are interested in adopting a child from overseas, more information can be found at the government website or www.icacentre.org.uk.