We find families for children who need them, call us on 0117 935 0005


We find families for children who need them, call us on 0117 935 0005


What do our adopters think of our services?

CCS staff are highly trained, competent, friendly and encouraging while maintaining professionalism with everyone they engage with. CCS is a fantastic agency.

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Initial enquiry
Information days
Adopters preparation
Adoption process
Panel meetings
Linking and matching
Adopting a child

Early Permanence
Post-adoption services

Initial enquiry

I just wanted to write to say thank you the time you spent with us explaining the process and answering our questions. You really made us feel at ease and not rushed in anyway when I know you must be very busy.

Obviously we were very impressed with the Outstanding Ofsted grading, but the impression we got from looking at the website and looking through the information pack felt personal and caring, which was the main appeal to get in contact at first. Louisa was happy to have a good long talk when we made the first call and the steps after that were all very efficient. We’d seen posts on forums about people having to constantly chase their agency or local authority to get any kind of response and we could see that wouldn’t be the case with CCS. We were also very impressed with the Information Day, which gave a huge amount of information and things to think about, whereas another agency’s information session was just 2 hours long (we didn’t bother going because we were completely happy with the initial contact with CCS).”

Information days

“The adopters that came along were excellent and extremely valuable to the programme.”

“Thought provoking and interesting – changed my preconceptions.” Information Day attendee.

“I am grateful to the adoptive parents for sharing their inspiring and moving experiences so thoroughly and honestly.”

“Excellent day, very enlightening and reassuring throughout. Hearing from the adopters was invaluable.”

“The professionals were not only informative but also practical and realistic and encouraging.”

“Many thanks for delivering such an informative and welcoming session.”

“Today was very informative and interesting. It was also great to feel so welcome and to have a supply of tea and biscuits to hand. Input from both adoptive parents was brilliant as it helped bring the theory to life.”

“This has been an extremely informative day with very experienced and professional staff. I am really glad we came. Thank you!”

Adopters preparation course

The overall feeling is that I am in very good hands choosing to embark on this journey with CCS. The training has left me with the strong impression that I will be supported very well throughout the assessment process and beyond.

The adoption process

The approval process for adoption was an unexpectedly positive experience. We had a good relationship with our social worker who was very respectful of our families and lives but it gave us a chance to reflect on how we have been shaped by our circumstances and experiences and how this could influence our parenting. The process took just under a year but there was so much to absorb and reflect upon that this felt like the right amount of time to give to such an important decision – we wanted to be as prepared as we possibly could be prior to adoption. Our assessment was a hugely enabling experience giving us quiet confidence in our abilities to take on vulnerable children with the knowledge when and how to access additional support in the coming years should it be needed. It was a valuable experience in its own right.

Following the panel meeting

“The preparation and assessment has been excellent, thorough and the right length of time for us. We couldn’t fault CCS or our social workers in their approach, support and professionalism.

We have been so pleased to have worked with CCS in the assessment process and preparation for Panel. We have always had great confidence in any members of the team we have worked with.

Linking & matching

CCS prides itself in a very successful matching process. One of our adopters was asked when he felt like his adopted daughter’s Daddy and he replied “about 55 seconds after I first met her when she put her hand in mind – it was love at first touch.”

My 6th birthday was a really happy time because I got to know my new mummy and daddy and we all got a teddy each.

Being adopted feels like you’re in the Royal Family.

Adopting a child

I just want to say a big “thank you” to all at CCS for making our dream come true.Anyone thinking of adopting, go for it because it’s so worthwhile in the end.

Early Permanence

Post-adoption activities

We all had a lovely day yesterday and really appreciate the wonderful opportunities that CCS gives our children.